Honeybess reaction to MAQs

This strong hive had two MAQs strips applied 30 minutes earlier.

3 Responses to “Honeybess reaction to MAQs”

  1. john Everett Says:

    I find it is great with strong hives does a good job of controlling varroa but would not use it on small colonies or nucs

  2. Margaret Anne Adams Says:

    It is probably best, if you want to use MAQS, to avoid introducing it in hot weather, to make sure mesh floors are not blocked with the varroa tray to ensure good ventilation. The only time we have lost colonies in the winter was after our first time of using MAQS. We used it on four hives that we had brought back from the rape. Those four colonies died during the winter.

  3. Margaret Anne Adams Says:

    I omitted to say, that we put 2 strips of MAQS in each of the four colonies on a summer afternoon, and want to advise others not to make the same mistake.

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