Session 17th June

This week the weather was the reverse of the previous session. Once the sun was low the cold northerly wind kicked in making it borderline as whether we should open up the hives as very few bees were flying.

Disappointingly it looks like in marking the queen in colony 5 last week we injured her and the colony had drawn out and nearly capped a large queen cell. Colony 5 and her sister colonies 3 and 4 has always been very calm and well behaved, but with the cold air and a new queen cell the colony became very touchy, so we closed the box up and will leave it for three weeks to allow the queen to emerge, mate and start laying.

Even colony 7 was a bit aggressive during the inspection, disappointedly the colony had not increased since the previous week, again this could have been down to the weather.

The steam train of colony 2 trundles on, we took another nucleus from the colony and created colony 8. Next week we will check that there are queen cells.

The BBKA Basic exam is on 3rd July and we need to have 5 queen right colonies for then, with the demise of 5 we have 4 such colonies, next week we open colonies 1 and 6 following their artificial swarms three weeks ago so let’s hope they are queen right.

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  1. Rosana Birkenholz Says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m glad having found your post. I’ll bookmark your blog and come back from time to time. Happy blogging.

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