Association Apiary Opening

April 14, 2014

At the Association Apiary opening we where able to finish all our task and complete an inspection of all our colonies. We are definitely in a better place than last year with all our colonies making through the winter.

Bee Medicines Record Card

March 8, 2014

As a Beekeeper we are obliged to record any chemicals applied to one of our colonies, e.g. Apiguard, ApilifeVar or Oxalic Acid. Defra were kind enough to distribute a nicely laid out card.

To my mind this card is maybe suitable for beekeepers with a few hives, it is unmanageable for Beekeepers with many colonies.

I have laid out the required info in a word document, the key difference is that I have made space to allow the Beekeeper to enter a code against each product and reference that code in the application record.

This should make it simpler to manage for Beekeepers with more than a couple of hives.

Bee Medicines Card.docx

Module 8 Study Notes Updated

February 19, 2014

I have updated a couple of tables, a picture and a typo.

Module 8 Study Notes.pdf

Evidence that a colony is alive

February 18, 2014

There are at least 4 ways of telling if a colony is alive without opening up the hive:

1. Evidence of cleansing flights on cars or washing

2. Wax crumbs under the hive (need open mesh floor)

3. Dead bees in front of entrance, bees doing housekeeping and throwing out the dead

4. Bees flying

These photos were all shot today in the apiary with a temperature of 8°C.

Bees out on the flowers

February 16, 2014

Such a beautiful Spring day my bees were out foraging on flowers in the garden.

The aconites open up when in full sun and the bed of flowers fills with bees, similarly with the crocus and hellebore.


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