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Wasp does dissection

August 18, 2015

Yesterday we sat and watched this wasp dissect a dead honeybee.

The body part arrangement is how the wasp laid them out.

It first removed all 4 wings and then the legs, it proceeded to remove the abdomen by cutting the petiole, followed by the head.

At each stage it took time to eat any sweetness, e.g. nectar from the honey crop.

It spent a long time chewing at the thorax and finally flew off with it!

Updated Module 3 Notes

August 16, 2015

Module 3 Study Notes Revised.pdf

MAQs Useage

August 16, 2015

Based upon some of the comments from the last post I thought I would post the attached European Field Guide.

One of our members contacted the distributor earlier this year and they provided the guide.

In addition the rules I use when applying MAQs are:

– Two strips only if bees on more than 7 frames brood and ideally on all frames within the brood box

– Apply one strip if 5-7 frames of brood and not at all if less

– If using only one strip place across the rear of the of the brood box (I am warm way) with the long edge of strip adjacent to last frame of brood

– Put varroa boards in, remove entrance blocks, (I have entrance blocks in year round)

– This week’s weather is ideal, cloudy and 19-21°C

My only fear this year is that there are a lot of wasps around and no entrance blocks could mean robbing, just hoping wasps hate Formic Acid as much as bees do…

This morning the colony photo’ed yesterday is all back within the hive.

MAQS european_field_guide_09 23 14.pdf

Honeybess reaction to MAQs

August 15, 2015

This strong hive had two MAQs strips applied 30 minutes earlier.