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Apiary Visit 16th January

January 16, 2010

It has been nearly two weeks since the last visit, with all the snow access and travelling to the Apiary has been a no no. The ground is still frozen just below the surface which means the water from melting snow and rain has nowhere to go, thus forming large icy puddles all along the approach to the Apiary site.

All the hives were intact and it was with relief that fresh debris was spotted below each hive, the photo shows the debris below one of the strongest hives. It seems to indicate a large cluster which ties in with the melted frost seen on the 5th January. Even the colony that was fed fondant on 2nd January had some fresh debris which must be good news.

The muntjac were nowhere to be seen and there was no trace of them in the area the dog walkers said they lived so maybe they have moved on, let’s hope so.