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Tree down in Apiary

February 7, 2011

The strong wind over the weekend resulted in a tree falling between two hives. The images show the apiary prior to the wind after the tidy up on Wednesday and the fallen tree between the hives. Bit of luck I would say.

Season starts with a dead colony

February 7, 2011

With the warmer weather we have started work at the Apiary for the coming season. The woodpecker protection has been removed and all the colonies have been given some fondant. Sadly one colony has not made it through the winter.

This colony superseded very late in the season, the old queen was found caught in the queen excluder in September with the new queen laying in the super above the QE. We then removed the QE and swapped the brood and Super boxes around i.e. super was on the bottom. As you can see there were plenty of stores, just the colony was not big enough to see out the winter.

Apiary Session 1st September

September 1, 2010

Starting at 6 pm we hope to tidy up two colonies after uniting, feed several colonies, apply apiguard to some hives and put fresh apiguard in the colonies in middle of treatment.

All members welcome.

Bee Inspection 26th April

April 29, 2010

The FERA Seasonal Bee Inspector visited the Apiary on Tuesday to carry out a routine disease inspection, we went through each hive shaking off the bees from each frame in turn and checking for foul brood. Bee Base holds records of all the apiaries in an area from which a random selection is made for a visit, it was the turn of the association apiary today.

We were able to combine the opening of each hive with the weekly routine inspection. Hive 2 is increasing well and has built up good stores, we were able to remove the empty feeder. Hive 5 which is in the process of a Bailey comb change had 4 frames of brood on the new brood frames but the queen was elusive so there is still no Queen Excluder between the brood boxes. Hive 7 where the queen is in her third year (marked red and clipped) is not increasing the size of the brood, it has been 5 frames for the last three visits, it may be the queen is on her way out.

Today’s images show the Bee Inspector at work and a frame showing a perfect oval of same age larvae, you can just pick out the younger larvae around the oval.

Apiary Visit 18th April

April 18, 2010

With the weather over the last week and especially this weekend being sunny there were great expectations of change since the last apiary inspection.

Hive 2 had some dead bees outside the hive and on the hive floor, stores were still low and the bee population although over 9 frames was low on each frame. There were a couple of bees with deformed wing on the mesh floor but those on the comb seemed fine, plus there were significant amount of chalk brood, indicating chilled brood which would stack up with the dispersed bees across the brood comb. The comb needs changing in this hive and the original plan was to carry out an artificial swarm once the colony had built up in order to make increase, may need to reconsider the plan. Left feed on this hive, cleared dead bees from in front of hive, changed floor and will monitor to see if things change.

The other two hives were a better story. We are carrying out a bailey comb change on hive 5 and the bees are beginning to draw out the comb in the new brood chamber. Hive 7 now has sufficient stores and number of bees have increased so we will continue with the plane to artificial swarm this colony to make increase sometime in the near future.