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Apiary Opening Day

April 11, 2011

We had a very successful Apiary Opening yesterday with over 20 members attending at various times throughout the day.

We completed inspections of all colonies and started Bailey comb change procedures on three hives (1, 3 and 7), a Shook Swarm was carried out on hive 4 because of the prevalence of varroa. Hive 8 still has a red queen (this will be her 4th season) performing strongly and hives 2 and 9 which have new queens from the end of last season have started strongly.

The farmland surrounding the apiary has all been planted with Rape this year and it is just coming into flower, with all hives already filling their supers with honey we have put a second super on hives 2, 7, 8 and 9.

So with a strong flow and 8 good colonies it looks like we are off to a busy start of the season J

Thank you to everyone that came along and helped plus the organisers of the BBQ, which was a lovely way finish off an excellent day’s Beekeeping!

Apiary this evening 25th June

August 25, 2010

Looking at the weather forecast the rain is set to continue throughout the rest of the evening making hive activities impossible.

We will quickly feed a couple of hives and that will be it.

Let’s hope the weather improves for next week.

Extraction Day

August 13, 2010

On Wednesday we harvested the Association Apiary honey, we took off a total of 6 supers from 5 hives and produced 130 lb of honey.

Starting at 16:00 with the removal of the supers we were able to course filter all the honey in to tubs for storage and complete the process through to putting honey into jars for 13 lb. The first public sale of our honey will be this weekend at the Aston Clinton Horticulture show.

13 new beekeepers helped with the process which nearly completes the practical sessions at the apiary. Today we are returning the wet supers to the hives for the bees to complete the extraction process.

Next week on the19th we will be applying Apiguard to each hive in the Apiary as we start to prepare for the winter, this will be the final formal practical session of the season. Thereafter we will post here when we will be down at the Apiary if anyone would like to come along and help out.

Week of 28th June

July 5, 2010

The week started very early Monday morning with the collection of an aggressive colony from a members apiary, on arrival at the Association Apiary the colony was split in two and located in two hives away the main area. The idea of splitting the colony was to reduce the number of bees and to get them to concentrate on sorting themselves out rather than bothering visitors to the apiary. On Thursday we checked the colonies; the queenright colony had calmed down and was well established with all stages of brood, again the queenless colony was calmer and was busy creating queen cells, next week we will tear down the excess cells.

The apiary training session the previous week had resulted in an Artificial Swarm on Hive 2 and the splitting of Hive 4 in two as there were several frames with sealed queen cells. The principle objective of this week’s practical session was to ensure that we had 5 queenright colonies for the BBKA Basic Examination on Saturday. Our banker Hive 2 had swarmed and thus become queenless, Hive 6 looks to be diseased and Hive 5 had not been examined for three weeks due to there being a queen cell.

The new queen in Hive 8 has settled in well and made a good queenright colony, Hives 7 and 3 continue to be stable and good colonies, luckily Hive 1 which was a the old colony from Hive 2 in its original Artificial Swarm now has a producing queen and the colony is stable with all stages of brood. So a bit depressed we ended up with only 4 queenright colonies.

To cut a long story short, on Friday in the drizzle we quickly checked colony 5 saw the queen and all stages of brood, which meant that we had the 5 colonies for the exam on Saturday. By all accounts the examination went smoothly and all colonies were on best behaviour.

So to summarise at the apiary we now have 12 association hives 7 queenright (one of which is poorly), 5 with various stages of new queens and 4 members hives, let’s hope this week is a bit quieter!

Apiary Picture

June 24, 2010

I did not make it to the session yesterday but took this photo on Tuesday. A world of difference from those bleak winter shots taken earlier in the year. Then we had 3 colonies and winter seemed to go on for ever, now we have 8 colonies 7 of which are queen right.  🙂