Module 3 Notes updated 29/11/15

Revised Module 3 Notes.

Module 3 Study Notes Revised.pdf


3 Responses to “Module 3 Notes updated 29/11/15”

  1. Martin Juckes Says:

    Hello, thank you very much for these notes. They are very useful. I think I have found a minor inconsistency in the numbers given for stages in the Varroa life-cycle .. it is not much, but makes a difference to the details of the number of mites that can mature on a worker brood: I’ve written up the details here: . It concerns the time taken for a Varroa mite to reach maturity.

    • seanbees Says:


      Thank you for your comment.

      I am not sure where you see the specific days in the notes.

      The notes reference the NBU Varroa document which are in line with your numbers.

      I will revisit the life cycle page and try and make it more specific using your references if that is OK.



      From: Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association Blog [] Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 10:45 PM To: Subject: [Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association Blog] Comment: “Module 3 Notes updated 29/11/15”

      • Martin Juckes Says:

        Sean, thanks. In the diagram reproduced on page 16 it says, in paragraph 5, mistakenly I think: “Time from egg to adult for males is 5-6 days, and for females 7-8 days”. I noticed that this is not consistent with the figure on page 15 which has the 2nd egg hatching at day 11.5 and producing a mature adult 6.5 days later. The main text is not explicit on these numbers, so I looked for other literature. Please use anything you find useful,


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