Honeybees trapped in Crocus

I was out collecting crocus pollen this morning (cold work) and to my surprise when I opened up one of the flower heads to access the anthers I found two dead honeybees! They must have been caught yesterday when the crocus closed up as it got colder, yesterday was warm with no clouds in the sky so the afternoon chill would have set in quickly.

3 Responses to “Honeybees trapped in Crocus”

  1. john Everett Says:

    Did you try warming them? Reincarnation possible

  2. akismet-1f15d97d8aa92378a278017d901045bd Says:

    That’s not that uncommon – Bumblebees often shelter overnight inside a closed crocus flower to emerge the next morning….

  3. Emily Scott Says:

    I’m surprised that they couldn’t bite their way out – perhaps they got too cold.

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