The Return of the Woodpecker

I have 15 hives at my home apiary, 14 Nationals and 1 WBC in my garden as a “feature”. Last winter the WBC was the only hive to be attacked by a Woodpecker. Looks like the same bird came back this year, the white patch is the last year’s repair, the first new hole I filled with a stick so it made another! The questions are why WBC and why just one hive out of 15? None of the hives have woodpecker protection and the Nationals must be a more fruitful target.

2 Responses to “The Return of the Woodpecker”

  1. ruche14 Says:

    Any attempt on the Nationals and the bees would be out like a shot, before any damage. The WBC lifts muffle the pecking.

  2. Emily Scott Says:

    Maybe that little ledge under the White patch is a handy perch while pecking? Glad the bees are ok.

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