Updated Module 2 Notes

Fixed an error with colour change in Horse Chestnut Flowers, it is yellow to red not red to yellow as previously stated.

Thanks to Emily Scott for pointing this out.

Module 2 Study Notes.pdf

4 Responses to “Updated Module 2 Notes”

  1. Emily Scott Says:

    Thanks for changing them Sean! Looking forward to using the Module 5 notes next, as long as I’ve passed 2. Will find out mid-January I think.

  2. Margaret Anne Adams Says:

    Page 46 paragraph 7 shouild perhaps reat anthers instead of antlers!!!

    • seanbees Says:

      Thank you for your comments, I got your gist on the first message J



      From: Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association Blog [mailto:comment-reply@wordpress.com] Sent: 13 July 2015 13:58 To: sean@wendover.co.uk Subject: [Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association Blog] Comment: “Updated Module 2 Notes”

  3. Margaret Anne Adams Says:

    .. and I should have written ‘ should’ not ‘shouild’ and ‘read’ not reat’ above!

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