Swarm on face of hive

Came down early to prepare for training session and found this!

This is the third swarm that I have collected this week, all from different apiaries and all close to home hive. Although this is the closest 🙂

Note how the swarm has left the entrance clear and the colony within is coming and going as if there was nothing going on outside.

Swarm on the face of the hive

3 Responses to “Swarm on face of hive”

  1. Emily Heath Says:

    Glad they avoided getting wet!

  2. John Dadswell Says:

    ….and the first warm sunny day we get is going to be bedlam!!

  3. Matt Says:

    Had a swarm fly in as I was inspecting on the 13th, dont know how common this is, but it was amazing.

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