Module 2 Study Notes – Updated 2012

Attached are BBKA Module 2 Study Notes

Module 2 Study Notes 070212.pdf

4 Responses to “Module 2 Study Notes – Updated 2012”

  1. Nick Holmes Says:

    Wonderful study notes, thank you for putting these up here, they will certainly come in useful

  2. Kennedy Says:

    Great notes, once again, a massive ‘thank you’.
    It might be worth noticing for all future candidates that ‘honey’ comes under three different sections: legal requirements, properties and constituents. It took me some time to realise that!

  3. Jackie Elliott Says:

    Thanks for the mid-bucks notes, all modules 😀. For module 2 could you make reference to 2015 no 208 FOOD The Honey Regulation 2015. It does explain that this act revokes the 2003 Regulations thanks

  4. Sarah Barnbrook Says:

    Thank you for great study notes, easily laid out and sub headings with info great help.. As I tend to get flustered.. Lol

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