Bees are loving the Indian Summer

Down at the Apiary yesterday the place looked at its best.

We are still feeding some of the hives and the bees are taking full advantage of the excellent weather with all entrances very active.

One of the hives had a high Nosema count when we tested all the colonies during the Apiary close down day so we have been feeding it Thymol in sugar syrup as an alternative to Fumidil B. The bees know there is something different (smell for one thing) so are not taking it as fast as previous feeds. The recipe we used comprised:

Dissolve 30g Thymol crystals in 150ml of alcohol to make stock solution (surgical spirit works).

Use 10ml of this stock solution in 4.5 litres (1gallon) of syrup.

The stock solution keeps ok if well sealed, otherwise the alcohol evaporates.

It will be interesting to see if this has an effect.

There is just one colony job to do before winter and that is unite the two colonies on stand 2, one is weak with lots of drawn brood comb and the other is strong but has not drawn out more than 5 frames of brood, uniting should produce a colony that will se the winter out.

2 Responses to “Bees are loving the Indian Summer”

  1. steve Says:

    Hi, I’m new to beekeeping, but was told not to put hives under trees as they don’t like the dripping noise. In your picture it looks like yours are under them or is it just the angle of the picture?

    Looks like a nice apiary btw, better than my little scrap of ground!

    • seanbees Says:

      The hives at the apiary are not directly under the trees so not affected by drips.

      However at my own apiary up until recently I had my hives under beech tree branches and it did not seem to affect them. Like everything with sitting an apiary it is a compromise, so in an ideal world try not to put under trees, however overhanging branches give afternoon shade which helps keep the hives cool in the summer.



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