Quick update on last week’s activities

Last Saturday we completed an inspection of the colonies missed on Wednesday.

We finished off the Bailey comb change on hive 1, it had a queen cell in the bottom box with sealed brood and a lot of bees, so we turned the bottom box into a Nuc, added a frame from hive with open queen cells and moved the box to the nursery.

On Wednesday we had our first beginners group and were able to go through 4 hives. At the same time we tried to go to the next stage in the miller method of queen rearing, however the queen in our breeder colony was no more. Luckily colony 2 had three good frames with quality sealed queen cells, two frames were removed to populate hive 7 (deceased queen) and create a new Nuc.

Two weeks into the training season and we are already at 16 boxes, although to date we have not progressed beyond 8 queen right colonies. Next week should see this change with a couple of colonies due to become queen right J

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