Apiary programme for 2011

We shall be holding regular meetings at the Association Apiary throughout the summer, catering for new and more experienced beekeepers.

The calandar is given below:

Date Session Type
27-Apr Advanced
04-May Beginner
07-May Hardware Day
12-May Beginner
18-May Beginner
25-May Advanced
02-Jun Beginner
08-Jun Beginner
16-Jun Beginner
22-Jun Advanced
29-Jun Beginner
07-Jul Beginner
13-Jul Beginner
21-Jul Beginner
27-Jul Honey Extraction

The “Beginner” sessions are primarily for members who have been doing this year’s Beginners Course. Spaces at these sessions are limited so if you have not already put your name down, please contact Clare Hayward-Smith on 01494 488701 or email courses.

During the summer we plan to hold additional sessions for members who have joined recently but were unable to take the course this year.

The “Advanced” sessions are for people who already have bees and will cover more advanced techniques and will also provide apiary experience for those taking the Basic Assessment.

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