Apiary Opening Day

We had a very successful Apiary Opening yesterday with over 20 members attending at various times throughout the day.

We completed inspections of all colonies and started Bailey comb change procedures on three hives (1, 3 and 7), a Shook Swarm was carried out on hive 4 because of the prevalence of varroa. Hive 8 still has a red queen (this will be her 4th season) performing strongly and hives 2 and 9 which have new queens from the end of last season have started strongly.

The farmland surrounding the apiary has all been planted with Rape this year and it is just coming into flower, with all hives already filling their supers with honey we have put a second super on hives 2, 7, 8 and 9.

So with a strong flow and 8 good colonies it looks like we are off to a busy start of the season J

Thank you to everyone that came along and helped plus the organisers of the BBQ, which was a lovely way finish off an excellent day’s Beekeeping!

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