BBKA Module Study Notes

I have compiled study notes whilst studying for the BBKA exams, if they can help you study for the modules please feel free to use them. You will will find notes for modules 1 – 7 in the education section along with notes for the Basic exam. As I have corrections I will update the documents.

The notes are an interpretation of the modules elements by fellow students and myself so should be viewed as that since sometimes it is hard to interpret the modules topics.

During my internet travels I have found at least one association that has “rebadged” the notes with there own name without even changing a word of the document, this sort of thing is not appreciated.

If you are studing for your BBKA exams, good luck.

11 Responses to “BBKA Module Study Notes”

  1. Emily Says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for your generosity in publishing these. I have printed the Module 6 ones off to help me revise for March and find them fantastically helpful.


  2. seanbees Says:

    Hope the notes help, just to let you know there will be an update to these notes after 3rd Feb, our study group is to cover the last few topics on that date.

    The current notes for 6.20 on pathogens and behaviour I think is one of the hardest and notes currently do not cover behavioural change so need updating.


  3. Highland Honey Says:

    i have been asked to help our association’s new beekeepers study for module two, I hope it will help me pass it too, I failed first time round. This time, with the help of these notes, I hope we’ll all pass. Thank you for making these available.

  4. Reg Godwin Says:

    Just discovered these notes. Wonderfully comprehensive and a valuable resource for module students. Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing with the beekeeping community.

  5. Peter McFadden Says:

    Many thanks for making these notes available from the members of Conwy BKA . Much appreciated!

  6. Peter McFadden Says:

    Thanks for your message. Conwy Beekeepers’ Association’s website is done in WordPress (as is the Mid Bucks website) by a volunteer beekeeper. WordPress is free to download, but you need to be pretty internet savvy to set up your own website.
    Good luck

  7. Oliver St.John Says:

    So far I have passed Mods 1,2 and 6 and your notes have been a great help. BIG THANKS!

  8. Sue Eaton Says:

    Dear Sean, many, many thanks for your kind publication of these notes. My colleague and I have just used them to study for the module 1 and found them to be extremely helpful. They are are clear and easy to follow and supplement the ‘green book’ really well. Thanks again!

    • seanbees Says:

      I am glad the notes worked for you.

      Some of the notes are getting a bit old, my intention is to update them as I run Study Groups.

      Hope you get a good result.



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  9. Pat B Says:

    Thank you
    I have just sat module 3 and passed honey bee health earlier this year and found your module 3 notes a great basis for my studying, O
    I am about to look at your other module notes to help choose my next course.

  10. Sian Says:

    Thank you for sharing your notes, they are fabulous and you must have dedicated so much time and effort into preparing them. Your generosity is much appreciated. I am taking my Basic this season.

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