Extraction Day

On Wednesday we harvested the Association Apiary honey, we took off a total of 6 supers from 5 hives and produced 130 lb of honey.

Starting at 16:00 with the removal of the supers we were able to course filter all the honey in to tubs for storage and complete the process through to putting honey into jars for 13 lb. The first public sale of our honey will be this weekend at the Aston Clinton Horticulture show.

13 new beekeepers helped with the process which nearly completes the practical sessions at the apiary. Today we are returning the wet supers to the hives for the bees to complete the extraction process.

Next week on the19th we will be applying Apiguard to each hive in the Apiary as we start to prepare for the winter, this will be the final formal practical session of the season. Thereafter we will post here when we will be down at the Apiary if anyone would like to come along and help out.

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