Swarm Entering Hive

The attached image shows one of the most beautiful sites in beekeeping, a swarm entering a new hive up a ramp covered in a white sheet. Sadly this swarm decided not to stay and moved on.

2 Responses to “Swarm Entering Hive”

  1. chris howell Says:

    Sean – would it have been acceptable if a queen excluder was added between the floor and the broodbox after the little darlings had moved in to stop the queen from leaving? If so, how long would you leave it in place and would it work!!!

  2. seanbees Says:

    It is a good idea, a framed excluder works best. I tried a to do it the other day with one of the bee safe plastic excluders which bowed letting the bees in and out anyway.

    I would leave it for up to days, when the queen has started to lay and therefore established.

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