Practical Training 20th May

With the continued improved weather the bees had been active since the last inspection. Hive 7 for the first time in several visits had increased, although there was evidence of many queen cups. Hive 2 continues to thrive and appears to be calmer than earlier in the season, it now has two supers.

For the third week running the colonies in hives 4 and 5 were the focus of attention.

Firstly hive 4, the colony was moved into a full size hive from the Nucleus box. Most beekeepers have to carry out this activity at some time or another and generally it is the first thing a new beekeeper will do on taking delivery of their initial colony. The Nucleus box is moved to one side on the stand and a new hive comprising floor and brood box is placed in the original location. The brood box has enough new frames to fill the box following the transfer from the Nucleus, in this case 6 frames were place in the brood box with space for the five Nucleus frames in the middle. The frames from the Nucleus were placed in the space in the same order and orientation as they were in the Nucleus box ensuring that the queen in on one of the frames moved. We then placed an empty super above the queen excluder and brushed/shook the remain bees into the hive. Replaced the roof and left the bees to settle in.

Hive 5 had 3 sealed queen cells the smallest one was torn down and the hive split into two, that is one frame with queen cell plus three frames of brood and stores were placed in a Nucleus Box on stand 3 and the remaining frames in Hive 5 were closed up. In 10 days will need to check these colonies for laying queens.

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