Apiary Opening 11th April

Thank you to everyone who turned up to help with the opening of the apiary. The production line on frame making was outstanding! With so many helping hands we were able to complete the job list in double quick time.

It was a shame that the sun did not turn up, although it did warm up sufficiently after the BBQ for us to open up one hive for inspection and to initiate a Bailey comb change on a second hive (which employed the fresh brood frames made up earlier).

Although there is still a lot of pollen being taken into each hive there is little nectar flow so we have a gallon of syrup in a contact feeder on each hive. We need to build up the colonies so as to make increase and cover the winter loses. Let’s hope the weather improves soon and we can get back to normal.

One Response to “Apiary Opening 11th April”

  1. Gill Peacock Says:

    It was great to see so many willing hands helping to set the apiary off to a good start. I heard some very positive comments from beginners who learnt a lot by handling the equipment and seeing how it all ‘came together’
    Here’s to a productive season!

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