Apiary Visit 26th March

Today’s visit was to firstly check all was well with hive 7 following the hardware change at the weekend and seconding to feed the colonies. Hive 7 looked OK and the bees were flying which was good news.

The air temperature was 10°C and cloudy so although not an ideal time to feed there were not a lot of flying bees so the opportunity to give each hive a gallon of sugar syrup in a contact feeder was taken. The sugar syrup was 1:1 strength i.e. 1 litre of water for each kg of sugar. The image shows the contact feeder in situ on a cover board, the white stuff in the corner is the remains of hardened fondant that was fed to the colony in January. The issue with the large contact feeder is that you need a brood box to stand it in.

Varroa boards were also fitted into each hive, they will be left there for a week so that we can attain a spring varroa drop count.

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