Apiary Visit 13th March

The late arrival of Spring and the poor weather over the last couple of weeks has taken its toll on the apiary, the colony that has been weak all winter and which I felt was going to survive through succumbed. The hive was closed up to prevent robbing and the spread of disease until a vehicle can be brought to the apiary to remove the hive.

This week’s photo shows a an empty looking apiary, the dead colony is in the hive to the far left. So the apiary is now down to three colonies, which means we will look to make increase over the coming season. Let’s hope spring comes soon. Note that the netting has been removed from the hives, let’s hope the woodpecker(s) do not return. Hive 7 is the far hive with the plastic sheets and temporary boarding to maintain the weather proofing of the hive.

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