Apiary Visit 17th February

The sun was out again today, although the air temperature remained around 7 degrees, this was enough to bring out the bees. They were out from 4 of the 5 hives in the Apiary, if the weather stays fair for the weekend we will need to check inside the remaining hive as there have been no bees out from it since Christmas..

Hefting all the hives indicated there are still stores. Two hives were sharing a stand, these have now been split onto two separate ones. Moving hives around the apiary is far easier in winter when the bees have been shut up during a period of cold, the 3 ft rule does not have to apply.

One of the hives still had a Contact feeder with sugar syrup within it, it looks like the warm sun had caused the lid seal to rupture resulting in a sugar syrup stream down the front of the hive, see picture. In the season one would need to immediately wash this away in order not to attract robbing bees. However as it is winter and also there is no water source at the apiary the cleaning down will have to wait for the weekend.

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