Apiary Visit 12th February

The weather is still poor, but at least it is not snowing. The air Temperature is oscillating between 3 and 5 degrees but with the wind chill it feels a lot colder.

This week there is no photo as there is nothing really going on, it is like the twilight zone Winter has been here long enough but Spring is not quite ready to arrive.

All the hives were hefted and although obviously lighter not dangerously so. Last week it was noted that hive 9 and 10 did not fly so a quick look inside Hive 10 was thought to be in order. Thankfully the cluster is alive and well, in fact it has not consumed the fondant put in over the Christmas period.

At the Association Committee meeting earlier in the week there was a debate on bottom and top bee space hives, the standard at the Apiary is bottom bee space. Surprisingly we have a large number of top bee space boxes in the hut which can cause confusion, they have now been given their own area and are soon to be clearly marked.

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