Apiary Visit 5th February

The first signs of spring are all around us today, temperatures of 10 degrees, snowdrops in flower and the aconites popping up with their yellow heads.

In my own apiary the bees from the strong colonies were out in force, as can be seen in today’s image. At the association apiary the bees were flying from 3 of the 5 hives, although not quite as strongly since the site is more in the shade at this time of the year.

The fact the weaker colonies did not have bees flying today should not be a great concern as the temperature was still on the cool side.

The forecast is for warmer settled weather over the next few days, a good time for the bees to take their evacuation flights and a reminder that the start of the season is drawing near. Best start preparing for the season as it is definitely going to be a busy one at the association apiary as we have all our courses already fully subscribed.

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