Apiary Visit 2nd January

The purpose of today’s visit was to carry out a stock check of all the items in the Association Shed. This was duly completed without too much hassle, although tidying up the spreadsheet so that it makes sense may well be a harder task.

It was amazing the amount of through traffic with dog walkers and people from nearby houses showing friends the bees hives over the back field! Previously it had been thought it was just kids that hung around the apiary, but with some of the dogs being very boisterous, thought will be needed on how to manage the foot traffic, particularly during the season.

One of the walkers mentioned that a pair of Muntjac deer had made their home next to the apiary, should we be concerned?

The number of dead bees at the entrance of hive 4 has not increased although a bee was seen walking out of the hive and falling onto the ground. On further inspection the colony was OK with sufficient stores. Hive 9 was fed with fondant, several strips thinner than bee space laid directly on the frames and below the cover board.

Today’s picture shows three of the hives, note the frost on the ground, it felt much colder than the 4 degrees reported!


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