Apiary Visit 20th December

With all the cold and frost over the last few days I felt a visit to check out the hives would be appropriate.

All seemed well, I was interested to see what wild life activity would be in evidence via tracks in the snow. As it turns out the only tracks were of humans and dogs using the gap in the fence near the hut as a public through way.

There were no untoward tracks near the hives and definitely no evidence of woodpeckers.

The hives facing South had their entrances filled with snow and backed up with ice so I cleared the entrances.

I was hoping to see melted snow on some of the roofs confirming the colonies were surviving, however I think with the air temperature at -2°C this was not going to happen.

I forgot to take my camera with me on the visit, so below is a photo of my hives with their mini snow drifts at some of the entrances.

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