Apiary Visit 1st December 2009

If you do need to go to the Apiary, unless you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle please park on the road and walk.

Yesterday, arriving at the entrance to the lane to the Apiary the road was covered in mud, the gate open and the track all churned up. My car slipped all over the place in the first 50 yards so I parked up as soon as I reached the field. It appears that one of the houses that backs onto the field is having major construction work done to the bottom of their garden and the builders dumper truck and cement trucks are using the Apiary track as their main route, thus churning the route up.

After the coldest night of the year so far I wanted to check out the hives, as expected there no bees were flying and all hives except Hive 4 the entrances were clear of dead bees. Hive 4 had 8 dead bees at the entrance in and around the mouse guard. The entrance was clear so not a real worry, I have noted that I need to keep an eye on this hive.

On my last visit I noted faeces on the roof of hive 10. I have attached photo and would appreciate it if someone could identify it.

Apart from being very wet the Apiary looks in a good state.

3 Responses to “Apiary Visit 1st December 2009”

  1. Jean Says:

    Whoever it is, they have been eating too many rice crispies!

  2. Gill Peacock Says:

    I reckon it’s pheasant, I get it on my hives which are near to a breeder. If I could get hold of the muckie so and sos I’d rub thier noses in it!

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