Visit 25th November

Met the occupier of the house at the entrance to the Apiary, agreed to give him a list of events next year so that he can ensure his vehicle is not blocking access.

The track to the Apiary is very wet and like an ice rink to the car so I left the car on the main road.

The 5 hives all look in fine state, hefted them all, two possibly three may require feeding in December.

Found the Apiary record book and took it away to prepare the log sheets for next year.

On another note been looking around for a local supply of Fondant, the local cake supplies shop sells it at £22 per 5 kg, expensive compared with Thorne’s Apifonda at £28 per 12.5 kg.

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One Response to “Visit 25th November”

  1. Gareth Says:

    Bako (not sure if there’s one near you) do fondant for £12.00 for 12kgs (size of a brieze block).

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